Hello, 2018 | My Goals for the New Year

2018 is here

Wow. How is it 2018? Sometimes I see a movie or hear a song that came out in 2015 and I still think of that as brand new… how is it already 3 years later? No life-changing events are set to occur this year but I still hope to make the best of all 365 days.

Instead of setting January goals, I wanted to go ahead and share my goals for 2018. As you all know, I am not someone who sets resolutions but I do like to think about what I want out of the coming year and begin to plan what and how to improve myself and my life. Looking back on last year’s goals, I think I did a pretty good job overall. I hope to build on that success (and keep fighting the soda battle).

What’s the Same

Travel Somewhere New

This will be a forever goal. I’ve never been very good about traveling but now that Chris and I have ripped the bandaid off and left the country, I am ready to explore more. This year, I am not sure another trip outside of the country is in store but there are so many places more accessible that I have never been. I am so excited that a mini-trip to New Orleans is in store for February but I would also like to knock another place off the list (NYC, perhaps).

Less Screen Time

I don’t think I am alone when I say I spend too much time staring at a screen. Look, I’m doing it right now. I love having a computer in my pocket at all times but too much mindless scrolling happens. I have also found that over the last couple of years, I let my phone cause me too much anxiety. Whether it’s staring at Instagram and feeling inadequate or like I need to purchase more material goods or reading Twitter and making my blood boil with all of the mindless hatred that is spewed across everything, it needs to stop. I have made several steps to reduce the temptation to pick up my phone and I am happy to say, it does appear to be working.

Read More

By reducing my screen time, I hope to fill in the free space with books. I don’t think I read quite as much last year as I had hoped but I do want to put in a bit more effort this year. I am glad to say that I am entering the new year in the middle of a book (that I actually finished before midnight) and I have two more on my bedside table ready to go (Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari is next on my list). As a Prime member, I occasionally get to download a Kindle book or two for free and I am going to make a point to do it more often.

What’s Different

Learn Something New

This is the big one of the year and I already got a head start. The first big thing I want to learn is a new language. I started taking Danish lessons on Duolingo and it has been so fun. I have read that Danish is one of the hardest languages to learn but at least I can say I am trying. Once I complete my lessons on my phone, I hope to take more serious classes, whether on the web or in person. Another new thing I hope to learn is hand lettering. Chris bought me an iPad Pro and Pencil for Christmas and I have been using Procreate to get use to it. There are a couple places in town that offer classes (Brim Papery, Natterdoodle) so I hope to take one or two of these to get better.

I want to keep it simple so I will leave it there. I hope everyone had a great 2017 and a safe New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t until this morning when I was scavenging for food that I realized I never even drank the bottle of champaign I bought… I am only 27, right?

Personally, 2017 has been good to me. The older I get, the faster the years
Oh my how did we make it the last month of 2017? November was beautiful
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. If you are reading this, thank you for your support. I have

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