July Goals

July Goals

Reflecting back on my June goals, I didn’t get to everything I had hoped (like painting the bedroom or setting up the breezeway and patio) but I did make progress elsewhere. We painted the bulk of the front porch and did clear out the breezeway a bit and I am motivated to get some new furniture to help mix things up in the back. This past weekend was four days long but I didn’t really do anything productive and I am OK with that. Last month I mentioned feeling inadequate with my career and I took it upon myself to change my circumstances. Today begins my last three days in my current job and I feel invigorated knowing something new is around the corner. This change will be good for me and is everything I have been working towards during college and beyond.

My July goals are a bit more casual than last month. Our home will forever be a work in progress but I am determined to finish the outdoor spaces before summer is over. I don’t really believe they will ever be 100% but I want to at least give the spaces an identity and give myself a reason to go outside and enjoy myself rather than spending most of my time in the living room. The right side of our house (the two spare bedrooms and bathroom) need quite a bit of TLC and since the bathroom is smaller and easier to work with, I’m going to start there. My July goals are below:

July Goals

  1. Revamp the guest bathroom – When we first moved in, I had a love-hate relationship with our spare bathroom. It’s pretty massive and has double sinks, which is great, but it also had classic 1950s pink fixtures with powder blue tiles. I had planned on reglazing everything white but Chris and I have decided to instead embrace it. We are into the mid century modern look as is and it just makes sense to work with what we already have in this virtually untouched 1950s bathroom. I see banana leaf wallpaper and gold accents in the future.
  2. Set up the breezeway and back patio – I know, I know. I am a repeater. Seeing as this didn’t get done last month, I think it’s OK to bump it into this month. The breezeway is a pretty unique space and is one that we walk through everyday on our way into the garage so I would like to make it nicer. I envision a small sectional outdoor sofa with fun lights and plants. The back patio just needs new dining seating and it should be good to go.
  3. Update my summer wardrobe – I’ve never liked summer clothes. I much prefer jeans and sweaters and boots over shorts and tank tops and sandals. I have picked up a few tops that are appropriate for summer (like this one) but I could definitely use some more to balance everything out. I am not super into shorts but a couple new dresses wouldn’t hurt. I am giving myself the OK to pick up a few new clothing pieces because one of the exciting things about my new job is the dress code (jeans are OK!) I can’t seem to stay away from Madewell‘s online selection but I am trying to mix things up with some different shops and local boutiques (Tigertree, Artisan Deluxe, etc).

I think three goals is a bit more achievable than four and I left them grey enough that I shouldn’t feel too discouraged by the end of the month. July tends to be the time that I get sick so I hope to ward off any strange illnesses by taking vitamins and drinking plenty of water so I can be productive. However, I do plan to soak up as much summer sun as I can and to give myself time to adjust to a new job. I hope everyone who took the time to read this has a productive and safe month. Here’s to July, 2017!

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  1. Great post! Good luck with the new job and on your July goals!

  2. I can totally relate to the whole branching out on a summer wardrobe – I’m more a cold weather person, so booties, jeans, and cardigans are always the go to! I literally count down to fall time every summer.
    Can’t wait to see the new spaces!

    1. Cold weather clothes are the best! Thankfully I get to wear long sleeves and pants at work since I’m always freezing but I’m missing my boots. I think if I get summery clothes I like I’ll be more excited about wearing them. Also, I’m excited to put them together so hopefully I can get my butt into gear. ☺️

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