June Goals

june goals

June has arrived. It feels like summer is truly here and I am eating it up. There is something about the sun on my skin and being outside in short sleeves that makes me feel so calm and happy. I finally wrapped up Little Book of Hygge and I read a section about Gemütlichkeit and it talked about how Germans associate it with summer and I totally get what they mean (it’s the German version of hygge). I am an autumn girl all the way but summer has it’s own magic. The month of May felt like it flew by and I did not accomplish all the things I wanted to so June needs to really bring it.

We are already a few days into June and I have a slow start on my to-do list so I thought sharing it on here might light a fire under my butt and motivate me to do some of undone to-dos around the house and in my life. We just celebrated our one year anniversary of living in our home and it’s definitely come a long way but it’s not quite where I want it to be yet.

June Goals

  1. Repaint our bedroom white – The first room we painted when we got the keys to our house was our bedroom and I have never liked it. I meant to paint it a light grey (with a cool undertone) but it’s 100% light blue. Not me. I picked up some swatches of white so I can be sure I’m getting the color I want.
  2. Paint our house exterior. I’ve never been a huge fan of beige and our home’s exterior is completely beige. I love the brick but the wood on the front porch, back breezeway, and garage door really need a face lift. I’m thinking slate blue with touches of yellow (my favorite).
  3. Set up the breezeway and back patio. During the summer, I like to spend a lot of time outside. I wouldn’t say our outdoor space is totally useless but it’s so sad and drab right now and doesn’t really lead me to enjoy spending time outside. I don’t want to go crazy but I would like to invest in a few nice pieces to make it a more enjoyable space (ex: hammock, bistro lights, plants).
  4. Revamp the blog. I have put a lot of effort into creating content that I enjoyed and hope others do as well but I’m still not satisfied with the look of my blog. I just find this completely unacceptable for someone who is married to a UX designer who has web design experience.

I hope this month I can balance my to-do list with spending time on myself doing things I love – walking the dog, pilates, baking, and even some reading in the sun. I’m trying to overcome feeling inadequate in my professional life and am trying to embrace life exactly how it is in this exact moment. Happy June, everyone!

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