Meet Isla Rey

Meet Isla Rey

October is a very special month. I was born in October, Chris’s birthday is in October, and now we welcomed our sweet Isla Rey into the world in October. She came out perfect and screaming on October 8 and was 8 pounds 4 ounces, 20 inches long. We are so, so glad she is finally here!

Beginning at my 37 week appointment, I was already about 90% effaced and 1cm dilated so I was convinced babe would come early. As the weeks went on, it became clear that this was not going to happen. We set an induction date for Monday October 8 and I was so relieved to have an end date. I was still so hopeful that I would go into labor on my own but Chris and I found ourselves waking up early on Monday October 8 and heading to the hospital. I was oddly calm the whole car ride over and while we were set up in our room.

As I was 90-100% effaced and 1-2cms dilated when I was admitted, my doctor decided a foley balloon was the best way forward. I was given Pitocin and the balloon was inserted. I had some moderately uncomfortable contractions while the balloon was in, but felt much better once it was removed and I was about 5cms or so dilated. A little while later, they broke my water, which was when the contractions started to get much more painful again. I held out as long as I could before I decided it was time to get an epidural. The epidural was painless and it was such a relief to not have painful contractions anymore.

Before I knew it, I started having pain in my left leg and my nurse informed me it was time to push! I couldn’t believe how fast everything happened. With the help of my nurse and Chris, I started pushing. It was much harder than I thought it would be and took a while before I got the hang of it. Thankfully, my epidural prevented any pain. After pushing for a bit, I had some bad acid reflux and puked at the end of most contractions, which made it really difficult to focus on breathing and pushing. Thankfully, I had a room full of women at this point, including my amazing doctor, that helped me push through (no pun intended). Finally, after two hours or pushing, Isla was out!

I experienced a rush of emotions like I’ve never experienced before and was in total shock as my baby was placed on my chest. Chris and I were so grateful to have our perfect baby out and with her family.

meet isla rey newborn baby

Chris, Isla, and I spent two nights in the hospital and were released on Wednesday night. Our poor babe was quite jaundice so we had to see our pediatrician the next day. Little did we know, we would go to the pediatrician again on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. We were not prepared to make four outings our first week home. To make things even more challenging, Isla received phototherapy over the weekend, which made it difficult for Chris and I to care for Isla. Though, we survived and came out stronger. Thankfully, Isla is now all healed up.

Three weeks in and, man, we have the best baby. Not only is she the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen but she is such an easy going baby. She sleeps and eats well, and knock on wood, it will stay this way. I hold her every chance I get, which means little or no naps for mom, but I can’t get enough of her faces. I hate that she won’t always be this little but I absolutely cannot wait to see her grow into her own person. She has made our world a much better place already.

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  1. Awesome

  2. She is perfect and amazing and you and Chris are awesome parents!

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