November Goals | Goodbye, October

Just like that, cool autumn temps and bright foliage has finally arrived in central Ohio. I am always so sad to see October go but I am looking forward to the next few months to spend time off work and with family during the holidays. The months have just flown by and I cannot believe in 3 weeks Thanksgiving will be over! Since time has been getting away from me lately, I am keeping my November goals nice and easy (while also working to make it through September’s and October’s) .

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  1. Start Christmas shopping. I am not one to wait until Black Friday to start Christmas shopping. I hate waiting until the last minute when it comes to shopping and wrapping and this year I would like to finish most of my shopping before the month is up. I almost 100% shop online and I am sure Christmas shopping this year will be no different.
  2. Continue trying to be more active. I definitely have exercised as much as I have hoped to but I have started being a lot more conscious of how much time I spend sitting and in an effort to take Max on more walks, I hope to get some steps in alongside him. With the temperature dropping I know this will get more and more difficult but I also hope to take walks more often during my lunch to break up my 8 hours a day in front of a computer at work.
  3. Set up dining area. I would be lying if I said I finished all the rooms I have mentioned in my monthly goals earlier this year. I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money all at once to redecorate a room and find that I prefer one thing at a time. One of the rooms we’ve been slowly piecing together is our kitchen. It’s a large space that doubles as a dining space and there isn’t much left that we need to do to make it feel complete. Last year we picked up a dining table from a West Elm dock sale and a couple weeks ago we finally go around to purchasing 4 dining chairs (see what I mean about buying things slowly). The chairs have made such a difference and I think by hanging our chandelier and buying a rug (have my eye on this one) for under the table, we will be good to go.

If I can talk myself until buying a rug for the dining area (shouldn’t be too difficult), I can check off all of my November goals and finally complete a set of monthly goals. I feel settled into my job and have not lost the glow of finally finding a place where I am happy. I get to come home everyday to Max, Pig, and Chris, and I will never stop being thankful for that. Life is good.

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