Third Anniversary

third anniversary

Three years ago today I wore a white dress and met Chris under a large tree and promised to always love him and hold him in the highest regard. We dated for seven years before we were married but I still believe we have learned more about each other since. During our three years of marriage, we have bought our first home, suffered the loss of a parent, and taken our first European vacation. Life is better with the support and love of your best friend by your side.

I was inspired by Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere and thought it would be fun every year to answer some questions about each other. Let’s start with out third anniversary:

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1. One word to sum up the other.

S: Kind.

C: Passionate.

2. What’s your favorite part about being married to the other?

S: Have a loving life partner. Chris has been a constant in my life for many years now and I so appreciate all of his love and support over the years. He always lets me know how much he loves me and I know I can always rely on him. There is nothing better than coming home after a stressful day to someone who you know will take care of you and cheer you up.

C: Sharing my life with my best friend.

3. Biggest pet peeve about the other currently?

S: Every night, he takes his socks off in the living room and 9 times out of 10, I have to pick them up and throw them in the dirty laundry. Sometimes, I will find 3 pairs that have slipped between the cushions, under the couch, or in the blankets.

C: Road Rage. (lol to this one, Chris).

4. Favorite little thing the other regularly does?

S: Helps me clean the house. Sometimes I do have to ask, but a lot of the time I don’t. He is always willing to help me with house chores and regularly vacuums, does the dishes, and he always mows the lawn for me.

C: Help me remember things like where I left something.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

S: I always thought I was such a hopeless romantic but I really don’t. It’s hard because Chris and I went to school together so the first time I saw him, I saw his as just some cute guy that goes to my school rather than the person I was going to marry. I fell for him pretty fast but I do think you have to actually know someone in order to love them.

C: Yes I’m certain it happens all the time 😉

6. What dish do you always request the other cook?

S: I usually enjoy just about anything he makes but I love when he makes grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and avocado.

C: Veggie stew.

7. Are there any things you don’t see eye to eye on (big and small)?

S: Cleaning the house before guests. Chris likes to pretend that people don’t notice dog hair everywhere or the piles of dishes in the sink. I like to tidy up before people come over when he would rather I not get all bent out of shape.

C: Not that I can think of. 

8. When you think back on your wedding from three years ago, what’s the one thing you remember most vividly?

S: I remember having portraits taken during the reception and watching a young couple making out nearby. Keep in mind, they weren’t guests.

CWhat an absolutely beautiful day it was.

9. Any favorite traditions?

S: Visiting Yellow Springs every fall. It all started when my sister and brother-in-law gifted us a night at a bed and breakfast in Yellow Springs, OH. We have now gone four years in a row. It’s nice to spend time together peacefully hiking and exploring the town.

C: Watching the whole Harry Potter or Star wars sagas.

10. What’s a guaranteed way to make the other happy after a terrible day?

S: Playing rocket league while enjoying a big bowl of cereal (or three bowls).

C: Her dog Max and a bag of gummies.

11. In your eyes, what is the other’s greatest accomplishment this year?

S: His success in his career. Not just this year, but over the years I have watched him grow in his career and I admire his drive. He really seems to enjoy his job and I am proud of how he has grown into his position. I find this so admirable.

CI know it falls right outside of the year timespan but buying a new house. [She] handled almost everything and was really the one pushing things forward.

12. Favorite outfit the other wears?

S: He always looks so nice but my favorite outfit is his light wash jeans with the orange-red button-down.

C: A long summer dress.

13. Things the other person can’t live without?

S: Cereal and milk. I love milk too, but this guy REALLY loves it… especially combined with cereal.

C: Mostly Max.

14. What is your favorite memory together (excluding your wedding)?

S: I mean,  I have to say our trip to Copenhagen. It was both of our first times in Europe and spending 12 days together traveling around the world and figuring out a new country was a lot of fun and something I will never forget.

COur Copenhagen vacation.

15. What is your favorite way to spend time together, just the two of you?

S: We both love movies. Whether we are going to see a movie in theatre or watching from the comfort of our own couch, I really enjoy breaking down a movie with Chris and talking about what we think a scene means or what could have made it better. I can’t even begin to count the number of movies we have watched together.

CGoing out to dinner, having a couple drinks, and spending time having distraction free conversation.

16. What is the other most passionate about?

S: Family. He is so considerate of those in his family and makes time to help and spend time with them.


17. What about marriage were you not expecting?

S: Since Chris and I lived together for a couple years before getting married, I didn’t think I would feel different after getting married but I do. I feel more like family and find that I consider his happiness more than I did before.

C: The way other people treat you and your relationship.

18. What is one way you most differ from the other?

S: I am a little tightly wound (shocker, right). Chris is laid back and handles stressful situations in a more relaxed fashion. He doesn’t let little things get to him like I too often do.

CRelaxation, I like being out and about, Sam likes laying in the Sun.

19. What has three years of marriage taught you?

S: Sharing your life with someone else is hard. You often have to think of things differently than just how you are affected. 

C: How to be more patient.

20. Most important pieces of advice for a successful relationship?

S: Use your words. Too often, I think couple’s keep things to themselves for all different reasons. Sometimes I find myself letting things build up and I think it’s always better to speak up sooner rather than later so you can talk about it before it becomes blown up. If Chris hurts my feelings or does something that annoys me, I tell him when I still have my head rather than let myself fume and throwing it in his face during an argument. This goes both ways, too. When the other does something that you appreciate, tell them. We can’t read each other’s minds but we do have the gift of speech and it’s important to tell other that you love them.

CDo small things to brighten the other’s day.

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Today marks the one month mark for my wedding! I cannot believe how fast the
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  1. I enjoyed reading your answers. Love you both.

    1. thank you, Deb! We love you too!

  2. Karen Brown says: Reply

    This was a fantastic post Sam!! Great job. And great idea to answer questions. Love you both

    1. Thank you! I think I’ll do something like this every year. 😊

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