Third Trimester Musings

I cannot believe that I am at the end of my third trimester. My pregnancy has flown by and as excited as I am to have a sweet baby in my arms, I know I am going to miss having her close and feeling her movements all day everyday. I haven’t shared many pregnancy updates here so I wanted to get something down before it’s all over.

Third Trimester Update


I still feel pretty good. I feel a bit guilty sharing that because I know everyone is different and there are some who have tough pregnancies. I had minor aches and pains that come and go, like back and neck pain, leg and foot cramps, and fatigue, but I have been pretty sore in my pelvis for a couple weeks now. One symptom that I thought I had escaped was heart burn. I have rarely experienced severe heart burn, but I do have days here and there where I am moderately uncomfortable, but it’s usually my own fault. Pepperoni is just not a pregnant woman’s friend. I have recently begun to struggle to sleep, which is the hardest for me to cope with but I also know is good practice for the future.

My bump. I have always loved it, even if it has some disadvantages. I received numerous comments throughout my pregnancy about how tiny my bump is, which did make me nervous until my OB confirmed around 32 weeks that all is well. I do feel like I’ve really popped over the last couple of weeks, which has been a weird thing to get used to. I am especially grateful for my height at this stage.

third trimester update Bump Update


One thing that I am really ready to be over is struggling to find something to wear. I have always loved fashion and clothing and I can’t help but feel pregnancy has robbed me of that throughout. I quickly outgrew my jeans at the end of my 1st/beginning of my second trimester, which were my favorite things to wear. I especially love high-waisted bottoms and those were the first I had to give up (RIP Levi’s 501 skinny jeans). I am terrified that I will never fit in my jeans again and that has been a struggle to accept but I know there’s no reason to get ahead of myself. I feel like I lost part of my identity and am just wearing whatever fits (which isn’t much) and that has been hard. I do know that I am almost done with my pregnancy, though, and can get back into normal clothes soon.

Otherwise, I feel about as emotionally ready as I can. I did have some emotional moments early on in my third trimester but I feel a lot more balanced now. I didn’t feel like I would ever give birth until about a week or so ago when my symptoms began to get a bit more severe. The more uncomfortable I get, the more real it all seems, which is good for me. The nursery is just about finished, my hospital bag is packed and ready to go, and the car seat is installed. There isn’t much left to do but obsessively clean my house (which, honestly, is not easy for me to do at this stage).

My advice to anyone beginning this stage of life, cherish every second because it flies by!


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  1. Such a sweet post Sam❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks! 😊

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