TJ + Dana // Couple’s Portrait Session

couple's portrait session tj and dana

Happy Friday! This photo session was quite the honor. Chris and I have been friends with TJ since our school days and it’s been so nice to watch TJ and Dana’s relationship develop over the years. We were both lucky enough to be present when they got engaged (though Chris doesn’t remember thanks to his wisdom teeth surgery), married (we both remember this, thank you), and now we get to be part of the next big step. A baby! Photography is something I’ve taken a step back from over the last few years and I am trying to get back into it. I used to really love it and real life has definitely got in the way. TJ and Dana’s big news gave me an excuse to pick my camera back up and dive into a couple’s portrait session at Homestead Park.

As a nod to one of TJ and Dana’s wedding photos with “hooray” balloons, Dana picked up “baby” balloons so we could help them create a side-by-side. We had a lot of fun with the balloons and I love how they turned out. The weather was very sunny and mild with a slight crisp still in the air. It was wonderful to finally see some green on the trees and flowers starting to bloom.

Can you tell how much TJ loves Dana? Just look at how he looks at her.

I wish we had already purchased our Canon 6D when I took these photos but I did get to utilize my 85mm lens, which all too often gets neglected. It’s perfect for portraits and helps achieve that nice flat background and bokeh that I’m looking for. And just in case you are curious, I used Lightroom to process everything.

I can’t believe that we are at the age where our best friends are married and having a baby. My, how time does seem to fly by.

I still feel like outside of the blog, I am struggling with coming up with opportunities to really use my camera so I’m hoping to open myself up to taking more. If you are looking for professional head shots, a special portrait session with your significant other, family portraits for your next Christmas card, or maybe even a couple nice shots of your pooch, let’s talk! Also, in case you missed it, my last portrait session (first newborn) is here.

couple's portraits tj and dana


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