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I started this list over the last week or so but I’m now really struggling to wrap it up. I woke up this morning to just another hate-fueled crime on the news and it really does seem like it’s just one horror after another these days. You can bicker back and forth about that side or another but it all comes down to hate. With so many people hating each other I shudder to think what the world will be like in another four years. I have been trying to notice the little acts of love in the everyday (like a dad hugging his back-pack-wearing kid off to school and the business man walking his puppy while sweet talking it all down the sidewalk). I’m starting to feel a bit old and coming to terms that these little things are life.

Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Rick & Morty (see below) or reading too much of The Handmaid’s Tale (also see below).

  1. My nephew – If I didn’t start off with him, I don’t know that I could focus on anything else. I love that baby boy so much it hurts and I am so excited to watch him change and grow and to get to know him more.
  2. My job – Since graduating from college, my career has always been a struggle. I have been searching for a marketing position and I’m finally there. The fact that I get to work with C is amazing but the best thing about it is that I feel valued and that is worth so much to me.
  3. My home – It’s my safe place where I can wear sweatpants while my haven’t-washed-it-in-three-days hair is up in a pony tail and I don’t have to think about it. Chris and I have put a lot of care into making our house our home and I’m always happy when I’m in it.
  4. Blue Apron – I’ve mentioned it before but this weekly meal service has been life changing. Chris and I have made countless meals together that not only fill our bellies but bring us together. I love having a reason to eat at my dining table.
  5. Short Hair – For the first time in over four years, I cut my hair off. I am no stranger to short hair and really enjoyed it while it was long but it was time for a change.
  6. Trader Joe’s Cocoa Almond Spread – I never quite got on with Nutella but I love this stuff. I slap some on a rice cake and I swear it’s more delicious than any fancy dessert out there (with the exception of strawberry shortcake… so fancy, right?)
  7. Not driving – I hate driving. I like being able to get from A to B but I am already not a patient person but when it comes to bad drivers, I just can’t. Working together means Chris and I drive to work together and usually he is in the driver’s seat. As a passenger, I cannot get over how many people I look over towards only to see them staring down at their lap/phone. People, PAY ATTENTION!
  8. Rugs – This kind of goes with 9… I am a rug lady. I won’t stop until I have one in every room. I most recently picked up a smaller, vintage rug from The Rug Collective for our office and I LOVE it.
  9. Plants – This may have been in last year’s post but I can’t help it. I love plants. I still kill them but not as often or as quickly as before. Progress, people.
  10. Game of Thrones – It seems a bit silly to include this since the latest season ended so long ago but man… if you haven’t watched this show, you are missing out. Chris and I are huge fans of good television and this is at the top.
  11. Copenhagen – Oh man… I’m sure you have heard by now about my trip so I won’t give details. Whenever I see a photo that Chris or I took during our trip or someone else’s photo that I can recognize as Copenhagen, my heart actually aches. Such a magical place that just really jived with me.
  12. Travel – Naturally, after finally leaving the country for real, I can’t stop fantasizing about travel. I have so many places on my list and if you remember above where I said I’m starting to feel old, I feel like my opportunities to explore are shrinking.
  13. Minimal makeup – This is the only kind of makeup I want on my face. I wear the same products daily and the more naked my face feels, the better. My staple is the Glossier Stretch Concealer.
  14. Yellow Springs – This little Ohio town is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s close and has such a homey feel. For the past several years, Chris and I have visited in the fall and because of that, I always think of happy memories together when I visit or remember past trips.
  15. Rick & Morty – This show has filled the hole of no longer watching Archer has left. There have been episodes where I have laughed nonstop and sometimes that’s what you need, you know?
  16. Strawberry Shortcake – Went way too long thinking I didn’t like this. I do. Nothing fancy. Just use Bisquick. The most perfect dessert.
  17. Color Story app – I was really into Instagram for a while there and every time I edited a photo to post, I used Color Story. It’s pretty awesome, I highly recommend it.
  18. Sneakers – I am a boots girl through and through but sneakers are growing on me. During the summer, these are pretty much all I wore. When cold weather hits, I’m sure they will take a back seat but for now, I love being comfortable.
  19. Snapchat – This is one social media network that doesn’t piss me off. I have to admit that this is one app I didn’t turn the notifications off for because usually if I get a snap, it’s a baby video, and there can never be too many of those.
  20. The Handmaid’s Tale – I’m so glad to live in a world where I have choice. This show didn’t win Emmys for no reason. Chris and I devoured it in three days and I’m almost halfway through the book. It has kind of rocked my world (good and bad).
  21. Blogging – I know I haven’t been really great at posting lately, but this past year or so of blogging has been a lot of fun. I definitely put more of an effort in and I like having a written record of time going by.
  22. My blue velvet couch – I recently purchased a sofa for our office so the space has a little more to offer. I really had my heart set on a blue velvet couch and one day I opened up Pinterest and there it was… and on sale. The best part? The back comes off and it can serve as a twin bed. Genius!
  23. Fashion – I always loved fashion but didn’t really have as much passion for it over the last couple of years because I really only had the opportunity to wear my clothes on the weekends. Now that I have a lot more freedom to dress how I want at work, I have found myself getting back into it. I used to give Chris a really hard time about his countless pairs of denim but I fear that I am starting down the same path… someone help!
  24. Two working cars – After having car troubles for a year or so, it has now been about a year since we became a two-working-car household. Hooray!
  25. A healthy family.
  26. My fur children – There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel grateful for Max and Pig. They are two of the best fur-kids out there and bring me so much joy and happiness that it hurts.
  27. My husband – He’s pretty great. In our vows, we said we would hold each other in the highest regard and we have kept our word. He is my partner. He is the only person who truly understands me and the fact that he still loves me is everything.

Here’s to twenty-seven. May you bring me happy memories without too many more grey hairs. Cheers!

I know I haven't been blogging much but I just couldn't skip this post. Last
I know I've been soooo MIA and I apologize! I've been coming home from work
{Photo by Amy Ann Photography} Happy 25th birthday to this wonderful man. He is one

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  1. What a great post Sam. So happy for you and the wonderful life you’ve worked so hard to create. So thankful you have found a partner in every sense of the word. A mothers greatest wish is for her children to be happy. Love you to the moon and back.

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