Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

valentine's day gift idea for him

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I feel that the fellas get the short end of the stick. They have such high expectations to meet and often don’t get the same amount of love in return. My fiance and I usually kept things simple on Valentine’s Day because our anniversary is only one month later. I am perfectly happy with just a bouquet of flowers and a handmade card and usually buy a gift to appeal to my fiance’s stomach (something sweet!). You can’t go wrong with a practical gift or a tasty, homemade gift (for another blog post). Below, Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him:


1. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Men’s Starter Kit, $42

2. Timex Leather Easy Reader Watch, $54

3. Ivy Prepster Welch Diamon Knit Tie in Crimson, $56

4. Ark Industries Darth Vader Ring, $18

5. Mast Brothers Chocolate Origin Collection, $40

6. Bacon Scented Air Freshener, $1.99

7. Iron & Resin Vegabond Journal, $45

8. New Balance CM1600FR Sneaker, $87

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