Yellow Springs Weekend at Mills Park Hotel

This year marks the fifth year that Chris and I have gone out to Yellow Springs in the autumn. I didn’t take many photos during our weekend getaway but I just didn’t feel right not blogging about it, since I have practically every year. I planned a two-night stay at the new Mills Park Hotel as a birthday gift to Chris rather than buying him something I know he could just get himself. Spending two nights in Yellow Springs gave us more time than we have had to explore the area and it was nice to take things nice and slow.

While visiting Yellow Springs last year, Chris and I walked past the Mills Park Hotel and I couldn’t believe how pretty it was. When it came time to start planning our next trip down, I knew we would have to check it out. The room was certainly not cheap by any means but the location can’t be beat and we had a very comfortable stay. The hotel was built to reflect the charm of a class Victorian home but with all the modern features. It was beautiful and clean and served as a great place to stop for a mid-day nap before dinner. As someone who typically sticks to Airbnb, it was nice to stay at a hotel where my bed was made and my towels cleaned. The Mills Park Hotel also has a restaurant where we ate breakfast one morning and it was some of the best bacon I’ve ever had.

Upon arrival in Yellow Springs, Chris and I walked around town and headed to some of our favorite places, Atomic Fox, a mid century modern antique store, and Superfly Comics & Games, a comic book store. Despite the heat and humidity, we decided to spend some more time outside and walked around Antioch College. I have never been on campus before and it felt a bit like a ghost town, despite being in session. We wandered around a bit more before heading back to get ready for dinner at Winds Cafe. We have always wanted to go but found that it was usually closed or busy, so we were both glad to finally enjoy a meal. It didn’t disappoint. After dinner, we got ice cream at Corner Cone.

Saturday we woke up early to hike Glen Helen before it got too warm. The temperature wasn’t as disappointing as the lack of fall colors. Ohio is just really dragging its feet when it comes to autumn. It was still great to get outside and smell nature but it did make me a bit sad to see the newly constructed fence around the Cascades, restricting how close you can get. I did scoop up some water from the Yellow Spring before walking around town a bit more. We stopped by another one of our favorites, Dark Star Books. Fat cats roam amongst the books and that is enough to make it a place I enjoy spending time. I highly recommend if you ever stop in Yellow Springs.

After our afternoon nap, we did some more shopping, including a tiny record store, Toxic Beauty Records. We wrapped up the day with dinner at Peach’s and a quick drive out to Beavercreek to see Blade Runner 2049. It kept me up a bit past my bedtime but it was totally worth it. IMHO, it is as good, if not better, than the original.

We checked out of our hotel Sunday morning and grabbed breakfast at Sunrise Cafe. It was a cool, damp morning and we ate pancakes and eggs outside and it was wonderful. Anxious to get home to our pup and kitty, we swung by the Heart of Ohio Antique Center, our favorite and headed home. Twas a good weekend.

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