What I Packed // 10 Days in Denmark

what i packed for denmark

The big trip is upon us! We are looking ahead to 10 days in Denmark and I absolutely canNOT wait! We have been dreaming of this trip for years and I can’t believe we are finally taking it. We could certainly spend more time in Denmark and surrounding countries but limited vacation time kept us at 10 days and I don’t think I could last that long without Max anyway. The crappy weather in Columbus over the last week or so has prepared me for cooler temps in Denmark and I’m kind of looking forward to getting more use out of my autumn and winter pieces. If you want to see what I packed for 10 days in Denmark, see below.

I should start by stating the obvious… I packed more than this. I tried really hard to keep my clothing and accessories to a minimum because I hope to do lots of shopping in Copehagen, Aarhus, and Malmö. However, everything I read said to wear layers so I felt like I needed to make sure I had all my bases covered. We plan on doing lots of walking so shoe options were really important to me even though I feel like I always overpack on shoes. Quite a bit of space in my suitcase is reserved for rain gear such as boots, an umbrella, and a waterproof jacket. I topped off my suitcase with warm sweaters, thick sweatshirts, and comfortable pants. I tried to resist shopping right before our trip but I couldn’t resist picking up a few things during Nordstrom’s triple point event (such as this sweater and these leggings).

My carry-on consists of camera gear, a blanket scarf, a portable charger, and quality reading material. I’ve never been on a plane ride this long before so I want to be prepared. Hopefully I can sleep during our long flight from Detroit to Amsterdam but just in case I want to make sure my phone is charged and I have a nice book to read to pass the time. Farvel!

what i packed for denmark

Madewell Northshore Pullover Sweater | 2 Abercrombie High Rise Ultra Skinny Jean Leggings | 3 Hunter ‘Original Tall’ Rain Boots | 4 Diba Elli Bootie | 5 Yes Please Book | 6 Umbrella | 7 Warby Parker Glasses | 8 Water-Resistant Anorak | 9 Morley Hat | 10 Nike Juvenate Sneakers | 11 Canon G7x Mark II | 12 ASOS Oversized Knit Scarf | 13 Portable Charger | 14 Alternative Apparel Original Cotton Modal T-Shirt | 15 Zella Live In High Waist Leggings


Edit: Learn more about our trip to Copenhagen by heading over to my Copenhagen City Guide or Chris’s blog www.dapperincolumbus.com.

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