Dress Up

With spring and wedding season approaching, I can’t help but to begin to fantasize about leaving my house in a dress with bare legs and no boots. It’s been FREEZING these last few days and every time I’ve left the house lately, I’ve become so frustrated with how cold it is. The first day I […]

Lace Tops

lace tops

I had been casually looking amongst all the lace tops out there for the last year or for the perfect one. When I stumbled across Anthropologie’s Elysian Lace Top online, my heart skipped a beat. The steep price tag and shipping costs ($10, what!?) deterred me. I visited the site almost daily just to look […]


twenty-three years

23. Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait for your birthday and to turn another year older? For me, that all ended with 21. I always looked forward to 21 and thought of it as the golden age. You can finally legally drink, you are usually graduating or already graduated from college and […]