I know I haven’t been blogging much but I just couldn’t skip this post. Last year, I posted about 25 things that I was loving on my 25th birthday (see here). It’s nice to reflect on the year and think of positive things that made my year awesome. I thought it would be nice to […]


I know I’ve been soooo MIA and I apologize! I’ve been coming home from work stressed and crashing on the couch with no desire to whip out my laptop. I’m still sad to say that I’m living for the weekends and getting by during the week, which is not how I want to live my […]


twenty-three years

23. Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait for your birthday and to turn another year older? For me, that all ended with 21. I always looked forward to 21 and thought of it as the golden age. You can finally legally drink, you are usually graduating or already graduated from college and […]