Alternative Guest Book Ideas

With just over two weeks until my wedding, I’ve had to start focusing on the details that I had mostly ignored. When it came time to think of a guest book, I knew I didn’t just want a photo book. I browsed Pinterest and found some really great alternatives that are more unique and easier to display than a book. Here are some of my favorites that I came across:

I liked the idea of an art piece that allows spaces for people to sign while still looking pretty enough to hang on the wall. Isn’t it way cooler to be able to see the signatures of those who shared with the greatest day of your life?

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This is my favorite! I love how simple it is and customizable. You could incorporate your wedding colors and have something great to hang on your wall. I ended up going with this option because it was easy and I think it will look nice hanging on the wall in our apartment.

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The globe guest book is another one of my favorites. I have a thing for globes so I would definitely keep it on display. It is a little tricky for people to sign, though0514890a2286a56f24a6ad79a2ab6a81{image source}

The stamped fingerprint art is a super cool idea and you can do all kinds of designs and colors. It’s definitely one of the prettiest alternative guest book ideas. The only downside is that you will also need to leave out something to help guests get the color offa03ca2023a294d9e4160ce31a5cd7af2 {image source}

I definitely think polaroid guest books are the coolest. It’s a great way to get guest involved in your guest book and provides you with some great photos that you can turn into a book. The best part, it adds a decorative element to your wedding. If polaroid film wasn’t so dang expensive (think $1+ per frame), I would definitely consider ite22a4db4a67b09679c4769368df9b326{image source}

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