Hoping for Sun, Prepared for Rain

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I wasn’t like most little girls growing up because I did not plan out my wedding. I always knew I wanted to get married and I’ve always enjoyed weddings but I didn’t spend hours planning out the details and thinking about the dress I would wear. I did, however, always know that I wanted to get married outside. My mom has always struggled with this because outdoor weddings are pretty risky. When it came time to actually pick out my wedding venue, I only visited ones that allowed for an outdoor ceremony, such as The Venue at dock580 and Jorgensen Farms. As I’ve spent time wedding planning, I haven’t spent too much time worrying about the weather on my wedding day but I have decided to make a backup plan incase it does rain.


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Fortunately, Jorgensen Farms has a barn (where my reception will be) that can double as a ceremony site if it is raining during our ceremony time. The tent that we will be using also has sides we can pull down if it’s especially wet and windy. My hope is that even if there’s rain on my wedding day, I will still be able to take majority of my photos outside. I have picked out some adorable shoes to wear on my wedding day but they are not very practical if I plan on taking outside on wet terrain. For this purpose, I plan on purchasing a pair of fun, colorful wellies to wear for photos. I hope to get a fun umbrella that won’t detract from the look of my photos. I hope I don’t need to use these items but if I’m not meant to have a dry wedding day, at least I will be prepared.



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My other concern is my hair. I have super fine hair and it’s super affected by the weather. I plan on having a partial up do so in order to prevent my style from getting all flat and frizzy from possible moisture and humidity, I will be sure to use the appropriate styling products, which will keep me feeling confident even if the weather is not ideal. My advice if you’re having your wedding ceremony or reception outside? Have  a backup plan. Having a backup plan has given me peace when planning my outdoor ceremony and reception, which has allowed me to relax and enjoy planning even more.


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