Wedding Up-Do Inspiration

wedding up-do inspiration

When I first started brainstorming wedding hair ideas I pictured a loose up-do. I’ve only ever had up-dos a handful of times for proms and various other formal occasions. My first prom up-do blew my mind. It was curly, loose but completely up. I was less impressed with my following up-dos but still thought they looked like me but more dressed up. As I got further into wedding planning, however, I began to gravitate more towards a partial up-do. My sister was married this past February and I decided to give a full up-do a try. I ended up with a beautiful, loose up-do with braids here and there. I thought it looked wonderful but I just didn’t feel like it was very me. I was also not particularly fond of the hardness and stiffness of my hair or the hundred bobby pins poking my in the back of my head. It was then that I decided to pursue a partial up-do hairstyle.

I’m also really into wedding looks with a hair piece. I browsed various sites (Nordstrom, BHLDN, etc) but found that the prices were much too high. I didn’t find it very practical to spend $100+ on a hair piece that I’ll likely never wear again. I opted instead for this headpiece from Ruche (also available from ModCloth). It’s small enough of an investment that if I decide not to wear it on my wedding, I won’t feel like I wasted my money. I really do hope to incorporate it into my hair like these two hair inspiration images:

I especially love this look because it’s not too formal or too messy. I love how Mila was able to incorporate a hair piece into this half up style


This may be a full up-do but I don’t think it’s too fussy. Her head piece is also BEAUTIFUL!
7ca168655eeecc352c7c4d043d7b14c5{image source}

This partial up-do is beautiful! My hair may not be quite long enough to achieve the same look but I hope to draw inspiration from the way her hair in the front is pulled back and her accessory5f312263c5f79e6fd9e0d3071d34f6c5 {image source}

If I do decide to go the full up-do route, this is about the style I would ask for. I love that she has a bit out in the front and that the hair is loose in the back24e5e0019a866c1d48e9a32161f28ce6 {image source}

I think a waterfall braid is a beautiful and simple way to dress up a partial up-do. Aside from the fact that braids are super in right now, I think it’s perfect for a farm wedding
Hair-Romance-Waterfall-Plait-braid-hairstyle{image source}

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