Autumn Picks | Current Wish List

We are into the thick of October but it hasn’t felt very autumnal. Ohio has been warmer than usual and sadly, the trees have barely begun to change color. I finally packed up all of my shorts and summery bits and I’m already wearing my flannels and sweaters on a daily basis thanks to extreme office AC. At the first signs of cooler weather, you can bet that I will be finally adding my boots to my daily routine. I have been watching various YouTube videos about autumn capsule wardrobes and I have added a couple things to my wardrobe already but I wouldn’t mind adding a few more pieces before winter hits. As is my tradition, I have put together my autumn picks and current wish list for fall.

For summer, my wish list wasn’t terribly long but sadly I have only picked up one item from it, the Daisy Natives tee. Chris and I need to get our spare bathroom in order with the wall paper I just haven’t taken the time to measure the walls yet (I really am terrible at accomplishing home projects).

I’ve said it a million times but one of the best things about autumn is the fashion. I live for jeans-and-sweater weather. I probably have more sweaters than I really need but Madewell makes some of the softest sweaters and this cashmere style and color is not something I currently own. One thing that I currently do not own but have been eyeing towards the end of summer is a camel coat. I love my grey coat I picked up a couple of years ago but I would like to add some variety with a different style. A camel coat is classic and definitely something I see myself wearing for many years.

The two miscellaneous items on this autumn picks list are the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and Bleachers LP. In the autumn, I still don’t wear too much makeup but I love the idea of a dark, vampy lip. I have a couple Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and they are great. I have dry, sensitive lips so it isn’t the most comfortable formula but it does last quite well, which is a must for me. As for the record, Chris and I are slowly adding to our collection and especially in cold weather, there is something magical about playing a record rather than streaming music through our Google Home. This Bleachers album has been one of my current favorites.

Autumn Picks Wish List 2017
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu | Madewell Cashmere Sweatshirt | ZARA Masculine Wool Coat | Save The Bees Screen Print | Bleachers Gone Now LP | Parachute Linen Sheet Set

Wrapping up my autumn picks, I have a couple home wish list items. I have been thinking about purchasing a set of linen sheets for a while now, as I am someone who runs a bit hot at night and love that linen sheets stay cool to the touch yet are soft. I probably have no business putting all white sheets on my bed since I have pets but they are just so pretty and crisp! If I do place an order, I will likely get the light grey just to be a bit more practical. The second home item is the Save the Bees print. I am forever decorating my house with pops of yellow, as it is my favorite color, and this print is perfect for that. I love the bold graphic style and color and have a few different places in mind in my home.

Just like with my past seasonal wish lists, I am sure I will not pick many of these up. If I had to pick my top items, I would go for the Zara coat, Bleachers album, and NARS lip pencil. I could see myself enjoying these items over and over throughout autumn and winter (which is coming all too soon). Happy Friday, everyone!

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