Summer Picks | 2018 Edition

Summer picks wish list 2018

There isn’t much I am wanting at the moment except for baby/nursery stuff and clothing that I can fit int while pregnant. I used to follow a lot of fashion bloggers and I was always disappointed when they became pregnant and their blog slowly transformed into a mommy blog but now I get it! It’s hard to talk about anything else when your pregnancy and baby prep consumes your brain power. I tried to keep myself in check with this edition of my summer picks.

Looking at my summer picks is cracking me up. That color palette. Can you tell I’m into yellow? I find myself gravitating towards all things yellow and this cardigan from Madewell is no exception. Anyone who has seen my wardrobe knows I have NO business picking up another sweater but… just look at it!

I am a jeans girl through and through but my growing belly isn’t playing nice. Wearing dresses and leggings every day is already getting old so I have been looking for an alternative to mix things up. These green joggers have a stretchy waist and will be like wearing sweatpants out in public so they are a win for me. I also love that they will go with my many sneakers and my beloved Birks, which I plan to live in the remainder of this summer.

Summer Wish List 2018 summer picks
Summer Ryder Cardigan Sweater  | Community Cebu Pant | We Are Never Meeting in Real Life | Pip Ring, Opal | Straw Market Bag | Kånken Backpack

I picked up Meaty by Samantha Irby on a whim while Chris and I were in NYC and I loved it. I have been trying to read more and found that Meaty was an easy read that made me laugh out loud. I know We Are Never Meeting in Real Life is what Irby is known for so I definitely plan on picking up a copy sooner rather than later.

I have worn the same pair of rings (in addition to my wedding rings) for quite some time now. They are simple so they stay out of the way but I feel naked without them. I have always wanted a piece of jewelry to connect with becoming a mother and this one has my pick. As long as baby comes in October, the opal will connect her with Chris and I (we are both October babies ourselves)! This ring comes from Catbird, a jewelry store I popped into in NYC. The items they carry are right up my alley.

I definitely do not need another handbag and as much as I have tried to resist the basket bag craze, I am starting to get worn down. Moorea Seal is one of my favorite online retailers and when I first saw this straw bag on Instagram, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s a decent size, flexible, and has a nice length strap. I love a bag that I can toss everything into. Another bag that I can’t keep my eye off of is the Fjallraven Kånken. It’s simple, functional, and comes in tons of colors. I really dig this mustard yellow one but Blue Ridge is a close second. I may even have to grab a mini for Baby Berry.

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