Summer Wish List // Current Picks

Summer Wish List Current Picks

We are almost a month past the official start of summer and I’m still loving it. I’m usually sick of the heat by now but this year I still can’t get enough. I love walking outside in shorts and a t-shirt and feeling the sun on my skin. I do spend most of my days inside an office building freezing my butt off but my favorite thing is walking out the doors into the heat, even if it is humid. I always need a good warm up. To keep with the current wish list theme I started back in the autumn, I decided the time was right to put one together for the current season. My summer wish list includes picks for the my face, body, and home.

I know I always say this but I am not very keen on summer clothing. Shorts and tanks and shoes that show my toes just don’t excite me. I am trying to overcome that this season but it is a slow process. Though I prefer long sleeves and sweaters, I am a huge fan of t-shirts (especially slogan tees). A local shop in Columbus, One Six Five Jewelry, often carries t-shirts from Daisy Natives. I was originally all into their Rainbow Ta-Ta Tee but I like the simplicity and monochromatic look of the ‘I’m Fine’ tee. I won’t be able to get away with wearing it to work but I can see it on repeat on the weekends. As for shoes, I’m anti flip flops (unless I’m going to the beach or pool) but Birkenstocks speak to me. I bought Chris a pair for our anniversary and I find myself slipping the on whenever I need to walk outside our house. I might have to bite the bullet and get a pair for myself before summer is over.

Summer Wish List Current Picks

Hanging Metal Planter | Clarins  ‘Instant Light’ Natural Lip Perfector | Birkenstocks ‘Arizona’ Sandal | Haloscope | Succulent Embroidery Hoop | Fanned Fronds Wallpaper | I’m Fine Tee

When it comes to my face, there isn’t much that I wear in the summertime. I’m a total minimalist when it comes to beauty products at the current moment (with the exception of skincare) and my ultimate goal is to look fresh and glowy. I like a natural lip and have always wanted to try the Clarins lip perfectors so I might finally get around to picking one up – probably in a nude. I’m a bit obsessed with Glossier at the moment and though I have heard mixed reviews about their face highlighter, Haloscope, I really want to give it a go. Once I recover from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I plan on placing an order.

One of my favorite categories to make purchases in is home. As someone who spends a lot of time at home, I want my space to be 100% me. I do spend a lot of time setting up the spaces I spend the most time in and I’ve been in my home long enough that it’s time I focus on the spaces I have neglected. This includes the spare bathroom. I mentioned in my July Goals post that I want to work on my guest bathroom and I finally feel inspired. Chris and I have decided to embrace the pink and I kind of want to go crazy with it. This wallpaper is exactly what I’ve had in mind. And since I’m not done being a plant lady yet this embroidery hoop and hanging planter would be perfect anywhere (bedroom for sure).

I don’t know if I will pick up everything on my summer wish list but I definitely plan on getting my hands on the wallpaper, embroidery hoop, and highlighter. If you have any suggestions for summer products, please let me know! I am always up for someone online window shopping.

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